Photos and Screenshots

Entire Assembly

Machine Prototype
Processor on Backplane
Older version of the Case

The left most picture shows the current shape of the prototype system with the processor PCBs exposed in the center image.

The right most picture shows an older version of the case without the sophisticated RF shielding, shot from a different angle.

Processor Modules

Adder Module
Logic Module
Processor Status Word
Register File
Shift Register Module
I/O Module Design

For details on what the modules do, refere to the hardware page.

From Design to PCB

PCB Design in EDA program
Fresh from the factory
Final product after assembly

The picture on the left hand side is a crop out from the gEDA PCB program showing the PCB design of the adder module. Red lines are on the top layer, brown lines are on the bottom.

The center image shows what the adder PCB looks like after unwrapping the box from the prototype manufacturer. Individual top layer traces from the screenshot on the left can be seen clearly in the photo.

The right most image shows the adder module after hand assembly at the IT-Syndikat workshop.

Older Prototype Iterations

Rear view of the front panel under construction
Proof of concept register file
Old 8 bit modules on ribbon cable
Cascaded 8 bit modules