Hello World

This is basically just a filler so the blog page isn't empty when it first goes live.

I first pieced this website together around 2011 and the content hasn't really changed since then (except for some updates around 2013).

As I'm no longer 14 years old, I'm not really keen on spending my time maintaining a website. As a result, most of my work on this site was spent on the back end and updating the stuff on the site got sort-of neglected.

As you can see, this site is not "responsive" (if you are reading this in the future and the site is responsive, somebody else probably fixed it for me or complained hard enough). I don't really see the point in optimizing a page for a 3 inch screen if you actually want to convey information. Besides, can't those stupid phones render the page as is and let the user zoom?

All those fancy hipster web pages where you have a background image that scrolls along, 3 columns of text and everything in an endless blur may look nice on a phone screen but are absolutely devoid of information. Somebody at work once sent me a link to a corporate web site and it took me almost 30 minutes to figure out what the heck that company actually does.

This site also does not contain any JavaScript. I really dislike sites that are overloaded with utterly pointless JavaScript if all I want to do is read some text. I absolutely hate it when some page insists on loading external scripts from Facehook, Google, my neighbors basement and Saturn.

I have JavaScript disabled in my browser by default but sadly web designers think of my browser to be some sort of lisp machine at their disposal to run emacsian programs in it. Most web sites nowadays look like shit without JavaScript that adjusts stuff to my browser window and some don't even display anything.

Dear web designers, I'm not OK running programs from god-knows-where on my machine so I can see your web page. If your site fails to display even plain text without JS enabled, you deserve to be beaten senseless with a wet sock.

Thanks to web sites that require megabytes of rancid JS to run, people complain about browsers being slow and browser vendors decided to compile JS to native machine code and actually run it. What could possibly go wrong...

Long story short, I decided that I had to update some of the stuff on this web site (work in progress) and integrate a small blog system to simplify writing about various topics of interest.