Computron 3000

The Computron 3000 is a Z80 based microcomputer.

An initial prototype has been built and is nearing its end of life. Drafts for
a revised version (V2) are on the way.

The design files can be found here

Some details on the specns:

  • CPU: 1MHz Z80
  • Memory: 1kB Bootrom + 31kB RAM intended for OS kernel, upper 32 kB are
    bankswitched and can be extended up to 8 Mega Bytes!
  • 16C550 UART controller
  • IDE interface (still untested)

Many things have been learned from the first prototype:

  • Power-on-reset is a PITA to get working
  • Don't use your own, self-made power connectors. Just don't....
  • Microporcessors are fun
  • Z80 assembly is fun

A few photographs of the first prototype:

mobile computing
Current version of the case.

messy wiring
Inside of the case.

That's why they refere to computers as 'boxes'
First verstion of the case.

The rapspberry PI is the one on the left
CPU board with 74XX based memory address decoder. Raspberry PI for scale.

All the lovely memories
Lower memory board with boot ROM, kernel RAM and bank switching register.

Messy prototype wiring that amazingly works
First version of the UART board. A PCB was manufactured later, but not

Very simple, yet amazingly flaky
Power supply board.