Software Projects

A toy software rasterizer

A small path tracer

OpenGL shader based font rendering

Small single source file toys

The files below are mostly minor things I wrote during my school time. Altough
they are small, being small is not their purpose, i.e. the sources could be
smaller, but that would sacrifice readabillity.

A standalone X11 message box implementation
a screenshot of an ugly message box
A minimal implementation of an X11 based message box, displaying a multi
line text message and an OK button.

A mandelbrot renderer


Originally an exam exercise in a Java course. Rewritten in C, simplified
and cut down in size.

Minesweeper in 150 lines of C
A command line based implementation of the minesweeper game. Originally an
assignment with lots of features, this version is heavily simplified and
cut down in size.

Game of Life
glider gliding through space
Also orignally an assignment, a simple game of life implementation.

Using the X86 cpuid instruction
A small sample program demonstrating how the cpuid instruction can
be used in a C program using gcc inline assembly.